Chapel Point

This wide, sandy beach makes a brilliant spot for walking and surfing. Traditional beach huts and the modern North Sea Observatory sit happily side by side giving great views in all directions. Perfect location for fishermen, dog walkers and beach lovers.

60 Parking Spaces

Dog Friendly

Disability Access

Viewing Point

Access Point Addresses: Chapel Six Marshes, Chapel St Leonards PE24 5XQ

North Sea Observatory, Chapel Point, St Leonards Drive, Chapel St Leonards PE24 5XA 

MID_7185 Chapel NSO (52)

North Sea Observatory

Why not visit the observatory at the beginning or end (or both) of a bracing walk along the beach. The café is open every day and is noted for its early morning and evening events.

Coastal Picnics

Treat yourself with a homemade, heart warming picnic whilst you’re visiting. We’ve put together some seasonal recipes inspired by Rachel Green, a local chef. Easy to make and very tasty!

Walking & Cycling

Lincolnshire can offer a variety of walking routes across many types of landscape. Choose your area, the length of walk and find a walk to suit your walking style. Off-road cycle paths on former railway lines include Water Rail Way and Spa Trail.

Inspiring Nature

Lincolnshire’s Coast is proud to be a hotspot for bird watching, but there’s more. Look big to see the visiting seals who have come here to breed but don’t forget to look small too. The noisy natterjack toads, fascinating creepy crawlies and plants that love this salty environment. Look out to sea and you might be rewarded with a sighting of harbour porpoises.

Chapel Marsh Pit Nature Reserve

Explore further than the beach and discover the nearby Nature Reserve, spot wildlife, take a walk and learn something new.

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North Sea Observatory

Bird Watching

Beach Picnics