Beaches & Places

Lincolnshire’s Natural Coast offers miles of clean wide sandy beaches away from the bustle of the holiday resorts. It’s the ideal location for experiencing the seasons whether it be the breeding seals, huge flocks of migrating birds or the wild flowers. The sea is the constant presence, but like the visiting birds, always changeable according to the weather and the tides.

Reserves at The Natural Coast

Visit the neighbouring Nature Reserves often in walking distance from the beach

MID_8740 Gib point (89)


For those bird watchers, or open space seekers, the observatories are perfect to visit giving you the option to take it all in from the comfort of the inside or on the seaward facing terraces.

MID_9378 Sea rd nr Anderby creek (24)

Walking & Cycling

Looking for some inspiration on where best to journey and information on what you will find where? Explore further by finding out what trails and cycling tracks are available to you at the Coast.

North Sea Observatory

Bird Watching

Beach Picnics