Chapel Marsh Pit

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Chapel Pit, Chapel St Leonards, Lincolnshire, PE24 5XH

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About Chapel Marsh Pit

Another pit created in 1953 after clay was extracted to repair the sea defences. The flooded pit has marginal reedbeds and aquatic plants with planting screens of willows round the banks of the pits to reduce disturbance to birds.

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What you will see

15 species of duck recorded, mainly as winter visitors with grebes, divers and wild swans also often seen in winter. In summer breeding species include reed and sedge warblers, lesser whitethroat, and great crested and little grebes. In August and September thousands of migrating swallows and house martins roost in the reedbeds.

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Bird Watching

Whilst there's so much to see at Chapel Marsh Pit, plenty more sightings of species have been recorded not too far away! Find out where else you can spot birds at The Natural Coast.


Picnic Recipes

Thinking about what to eat whilst you're visiting? Local Celebrity Chef, Rachel Green, has supplied us with some inspiring picnic recipes that are delicious and suitable for any day of the year.

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