Orange Cheesecake in a Jar


150g biscuits – we used chocolate ginger biscuits

50g melted butter

75g caster sugar

200g cream cheese

300ml double cream

Zest from 1 orange

1tbsp orange juice

1 tbsp Cointreau (optional)

1 tsp vanilla essence

1 tsp orange extract (optional)

Caramel Sauce (optional)


  • Crush biscuits in a polythene bag with a rolling pin or use a food processor
  • Melt butter, cool slightly before adding to the crushed biscuits. Reserve a little of the crumb for topping, but press rest into 6 small Kilner jars or other containers and set to one side.
  • In a mixing bowl put cream cheese, cream, orange extract, zest and juice, vanilla, and sugar, whisk slowly until it starts to thicken. Add Cointreau and continue beating until just thick. Add more orange extract to taste.
  • Spoon the mixture on top of the biscuits and press down firmly to settle the mixture. Top with a little caramel sauce if liked and the reserved biscuit crumb.

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