Sandilands Pit

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Access Point Address: Sandilands LN12 2RQ 

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One of the smaller former clay pits which supports many duck species. Snipe like wet grassland and marsh and listen out for the males who makes  a ‘drumming’ sound as it performs its aerial courtship display.


About Sandilands Pit

Created after the 1953 floods when clay was taken to create new flood defences.

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What you will see

Whilst there's so much to see at Chapel Marsh Pit, plenty more sightings of species have been recorded not too far away! Find out where else you can spot birds on the Natural Coast.

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The reedbeds and scrub around the pit edges provide good nesting habitat for reed and sedge warblers.


Picnic Recipes

Need a good cake recipe to go with your picnic? Local chef Rachel Green has provided us with some sweet treat ideas.

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